For the Smartest Species We’re Pretty Dumb

It’s crazy that out of all species, we are the only ones that can’t feed ourselves. We have made ourselves so sick and obese. The only animals that we see in the world with obesity problems are ourselves and the animals we have domesticated. We can create these incredible smart phones that can check up on the weather in India from anywhere in the world, yet we can’t tell that a vegetable is healthier for us than a donut.

We are poisoning ourselves as a society and slowly a species. The only people that aren’t putting toxins into their bodies are the people that can’t afford to which is a sad twist. My friends and I were out to breakfast the other morning and saw a boy with his family. The whole family was greatly overweight but this young boy was morbidly obese. He was sitting there eating french fries, ham, cheese, the typical american diet. It was so sad because it was not this boy’s fault, he does not know about nutrition, and doesn’t have any access to it.

The schools don’t teach about it except for the so called “health classes” and gym where kids sit on their phones for 45 minutes pretending to be doing whatever activity the teacher has told them to do. This boy will probably always be fat because by the time he is old enough to read about nutrition he will be so overweight and sick that he will give up. It is a sad outlook and I hate to say it but nutrition needs to start at homes and really be expressed to children. The world is going backwards not forwards, this is the first generation that will not outlive their parents.

I nanny and the little girl I watch asked me to help her with her homework. She is seven years old and she was learning hwo to write computer code. That is insane and super helpful to her future. While she was working on it she was eating a sugary yogurt that might as well have been ice cream. And I thought this kid will be able to work with all technology but not keep herself healthy and that is sad. She has so much potential for great things but won’t be able to enjoy them if she is not healthy.

We need to make health class one of the most important classes throughout our children’s education. We are creating this technological world with so many amazing possibilities but instead people are sick and unhappy. We have focused around this unhappy world and keep creating things to make us “happier” when in reality they take away from nature, health, and happiness.

I was speaking with a friend who went to rehab. I asked him some personal questions and he was very open with me. He was in rehab for painkillers. I asked him what started his addiction and he said to me, “I was a fat kid”. I asked how that contributed and he continued with his story. He told me that he started taking adderall (the medicine for ADD which suppresses appetite) when he noticed the effect he started taking about 6 a day and lost tons of weight. He was so unhappy with himself that he started taking painkillers to feel high and it became a vicious cycle. Now that he went to rehab he came back 30 pounds overweight. He is cured from drugs but now an unhealthy weight. He knows nothing about keeping the weight off healthily. The problem with that is all he knows is drugs and if he continues to gain weight and stay unhealthy he will go right back to what got the weight off in the first place. The nutrition in this country is so bad that it can create a society of unhappy drug addicts. I know that’s a bit of a leap but it’s true, he was self medicating, but what about other people that go to their doctors for medication to get the weight off, it’s the same thing just with doctor’s help.

We don’t need to keep inventing new medicine we need to create a new relationship with food.

Road Trippin and Skinny Dippin

So this past week I went on a road trip with my best friend (Rachel). We started off at camp bisco which is a 3 day music festival in scranton pennsylvania. It was so much fun, not something I would have done if it weren’t for Rachel. I’m so glad we did it, it was insane, totally care free. I’ve never danced like that in my life.

Then we went to Vermont and I got some pretty amazing pictures. We didn’t end up doing everything we planned but honestly just the fact that we did whatever we want, whenever, with no responsibilty was perfect. Everyone needs to have fun once in a while I highly recommend it!

DSC_0045 DSC_0058 DSC_0052 DSC_0075 DSC_0077

I know that my blog is all about plant based eating and caring for your body, which I did my best. This trip however was all about being in my twenties and partying with my best friend. I honestly believe that you need to go crazy every once in a while to stay sane.

Learn How to Enjoy Your Days

Everybody has those days where they have a bad morning and things just keep getting worse. It’s like the universe it out to get you. Well guess what? You don’t need to.

I used to have those days, a lot, to the point where I would start crying on the way to work and just want it to stop but somehow it just got worse. Well that crying made it worse and I’ll tell you how. By focusing on the things that were going wrong in my day I was attracting more of them.

I know that it seems like there is nothing that you can do, and it’s not your fault, but it is, it’s the way your mind is attracting negative things. If you think today is going to suck well then yeah, it’s going to suck. The universe will make sure to give you what you are asking for. I’ve got good news too, it works vice versa, if you say today is going to be amazing and TRULY believe it then guess what your day is going to be amazing. This all sounds crazy but it’s not.

Find the good in everything, realize that the bad moments of your life are still just that, your life. So why waste any minute of it being upset over something that has already happened? or hasn’t even happened yet? Find the positive in every hard situation. Look at it and say, “How can this change my life in a positive way?”

I have a challenge for you. Go out today and say, “Today is going to be a great day” and smile. Then keep an open mind and be grateful for every experience that you have. I promise that you’ll finish that day with a positive energy.

Make sure to eat well and be happy:) ~plantbasedcollege

1 Hour Without Judgements

Recently I have been reading a lot about spirituality and positive thinking. I have always believed in the power of positive thinking and mind over matter but recently I really put together the importance of accepting others with their flaws. When I judge others it is because I feel some sort of insecurity. Loving others is a true sign of self love, it is the ultimate triumph.

I know that we have been told that a million times and truthfully I didn’t believe it, how could the weird guy at the gym have anything to do with my own insecurity? well I wanted to find out and here is how I did it.Read More »

Why I Truly Love Plant Based

I’m sitting on my bed reading my book and thinking about how happy I am. I’m reading, I’m writing, I’m exercising, eating well, joining new programs, going out on a limb. I truly feel good, I feel like I am molding into the person that I dream of, write about, aspire to be. When did this all start happening?

It is my community. I am a plant based eater, have been for over 8 months now. At first I felt amazing because of the healthy food I was putting in my body. I felt confident because I was doing something some think is hard (when in actuality it is the easiest thing) and I was putting my heart into it. I became passionate about it, I read about it and now that I know about it I share that knowledge. Being healthy made my body and mind feel amazing. Without even realizing it my passion started leading to self development. I want to start a youtube channel so I went to a public speaking group, a fear of many. I’m pushing myself and learning new things about myself through these adventures. I was driving and I felt so good to be alive because living should feel great! Feed your body and your mind will follow. I was never spiritual before this but it gave me a whole new level of caring, I care about my body, the environment and feel connected with myself and the universe. Importantly I follow other like minded people on social medias and have created this inspiring community to look to when I need motivation, tips, or just some friendship.

With this I am saying, visualize yourself at your best, what are you doing? Do some of those things. It occurred to me that plant based eating has always been my passion, I just never knew about it. I have always loved nutrition and animals but when I found plant based something just felt right. So next time you do something that feels right in your gut hold onto it and do not let it go. That is where you are supposed to be, keep recreating that joy, that sense of being. So yes, plant based eating makes me feel incredible but what really makes me feel incredible is feeling like this is where I’m supposed to be so follow your passion.

I used to love photography and then “grew out of it” but no I just stopped making time for it. Why? It makes me happy so I make sure that I keep my camera in my car so if I am ever around something that inspires me I have my camera. I am making time for the things I love and work is coming easily. I have new business ideas everyday and am making money.

How I Cured My Binge Eating

Growing up I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. My friend and I would bike to the local pharmacy and buy as much candy as we had money for and eat it all until we were sick. I started gaining a lot of weight, it made me upset and eat even more. I was a little kid surrounded by all of my thin friends. Since I was overweight I assumed I was unathletic and that made me scared to try any sports and hate them because I was slower than the rest. This made me even more unathletic and more unhealthy, as you can imagine it just kept getting worse. My self confidence plummeted, I was truly not happy with myself.

When I was about 15 I decided that I needed to change that, I discovered calorie counting and lost about 30 pounds.I started track as well which was a healthy habit I’m happy I developed because now I love working out! I thought it was great. My unhealthy relationship with food, however, got much worse. I looked at it like the enemy and then I would binge out whenever I could. Then I would starve myself for a week and it was a vicious cycle. Of course the weight loss did not last, how could it? Last year (19) all of that weight had come back, from drinking and still having a terrible relationship with myself and food. I constantly compared myself to others and felt like I was fat.

Looking at it now, I am not fat, I am very fit. I workout, I love running and am overall very athletic. I still have some weight to lose but I know my body will get to its ideal weight with love and proper nutrition. Anyway I had to realize that self love is crucial! I have to want to be my healthiest. With this I found plant based eating. When I first discovered it I went ham, eating everything in sight. That was OK though because it was all healthy for my body. My body needed it to compensate for depriving it of nutrients all of those years.

Now I have a perfectly healthy relationship with food, I don’t force myself to not binge I just don’t need to. My body has all of its nutrients so I never feel the need to stuff my face. If I am craving something sweet I go ahead and eat it, but never processed foods. I truly do not crave them anymore my tastebuds have completely healed. Also in the beginning of being plant based I had Sunday as my cheat day where I would eat all of the unhealthy food I used to love. Over time I didn’t need to develop discipline to stop I just simply didn’t enjoy cheat days anymore.

PS. The picture on the left was when I first started plant based eating and then the right is simply 3 months after.

Things I Learned From Losing Someone Very Close

1)You really truly never know the impact you have on other people. People that you rarely speak to thought you lit up a room. People admired you that you had no idea noticed you. You are never as alone as you feel.

2)You are a little tiny bit of life in everybody else that you know and when you die part of them dies with you. People love you more than you know. So when things seem rough trust me someone wishes they were next to you more than you know, they love you for your light.

3)Leave every conversation nicer than you feel, tell people that you love them more than you have to, be kind to everyone you meet. Even if you have a disagreement use words of kindness to convey your opinion.

4)Keep in touch with people, send people a simple text just because. Let them know how much they mean to you.

5)Love yourself and treat your body right, eat right and feel right. Nothing is worth compromising yourself, no amount of popularity is worth your self respect. Whats the point of trying to fit in? there are too many people like that embrace your uniqueness its what makes someone out there smile. Do what you feel like doing because you can.

6)Be happy to everyone, let yourself cry and be comforted, but live your days with endless happiness because whats life if your not happy? Find something that makes you happy and do it! Don’t care what people think. Laugh and cry at the same time, do embarrassing shit thats what memories are. Make people feel good about themselves no matter how small the compliment.

7)Mourn them but live a happier life because of them. Use your agony to fuel your joy. Take that positive trait you always admired about them and keep it alive through yourself. Keep them alive in your memories.

8)Say how you feel, be weird, and love.

9)You will never understand it and it is not wrong to miss them, or to be happy, or to cry, or smile. Nothing is right in this crazy life so embrace that freedom and run with it.

Love xoxo

Why I’m Grateful I Was a Chunky Kid 

Are you one of those people that was or maybe still is overweight? If you’re overweight and on my site I’m guessing you want to change that. That is an awesome first step go you!! To be perfectly honest I’m not at my ideal weight yet either, but I’m working really hard and sharing everything I’m learning with you. I know right now you probably hate the idea of being overweight and I am definitely advocating losing weight if that is what your body needs, however, I want you to thank your body for being honest.

I want you to stop for a second and appreciate yo chunky self. Go ahead pat your stomach, if not now when you’re done reading this. You can thank your chunky ass for making you get in gear and care about your health. If I was never insecure about my weight I probably would have never learned about nutrition. My body sent me a signal that I was not healthy and looking in the mirror it was hard to ignore. My body, probably too honest for my liking, is telling me everything that is going wrong inside. I’ve had really skinny friends growing up that never gained a pound but always had terrible acne, they would purchase super expensive acne creams and medicines but never care about what was going into their bodies. I realize now looking back that it was their horrendous diets to blame for their bad skin. My best friend who is a model and has always been stick thin (bitch) had terrible skin and has been on a plant based diet for a year and has completely cleared her skin it is incredible (she’s actually awesome).

Now think about it, would you be pursuing a healthier life if you were not overweight? If so awesome! still look at my site because I have some awesome information, but if not than you are like me. Your weight made you realize what the hell am I doing wrong? well it isn’t about calorie restricting it is about overriding your diet with nutrients. Really caring for your body.

Another reason why you have to thank your chunky body is because my bets are your funny as hell. I’m not kidding I would bet money that fat kids are the funniest. You had to be, you weren’t the best looking in the class so you had to make people laugh. People with insecurities are normally funnier because it is a distraction. So I say, hell if I had to be a fat kid to be the comedian I am I’ll take it. And better yet now that you’re looking after your health and are getting super fit your hot and funny; Now thats a real pairing. Now will you pat your stomach? Make sure next time you get upset and wish you started this journey earlier think, at least I’m funny. And if you’re not I’m sorry to hear that but I’m sure you have some other great quality :/

Review of The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This book was  well written and relatable. Cameron Diaz is a successful actress, however, like many others didn’t know a thing about nutrition. This makes her book understandable because she breaks it down on a level that everyone can understand. With that being said, she incorporates the science behind things which sometimes tends to get a little dry. It’s a good book to keep around, I folded some pages that I will refer back to. Her writing is very conversational and her style makes it feel as though she is speaking directly to you.  She is a very radiant voice and I did enjoy most of it. Don’t stop reading when it gets dry, you may want to skip over some of the bones and muscles, but after it redeems itself and is worth sticking to. Even if you just want to read specific parts and skip around it still works.

Plant Based Recipes for Dorm Living

Better Than Haagen dazs


2/3 bananas(1 frozen)

handful of frozen strawberries

1 tsp vanilla

sprinkle of cinnamon


1 scoop whole foods chocolate cinnamon plant based protein powder

1/4 cup plant based blueberry probiotic

Toss it all in a blender and enjoy!:)

Simple Dressing


Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Garlic Powder

Sesame seeds

Add mostly balsamic vinegar with about 1/4 olive oil and then add garlic and sesame to own taste

Sweet tooth


Dark chocolate chips (at least 70% cocoa)

Almond butter (no salt or sugar)

Mix dark chocolate chips and almond butter half and half, then place in the microwave for 1 minute and mix more. Then place the mix in small circles on wax paper, next place raspberry in the center of each circle. Freeze or refrigerate then enjoy!

Creamy Salad

Mixed spring lettuce

2 scallions

1 big carrot

1 avocado

3 eggs (if you eat eggs)

balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Mix dressing and avocado until creamy then mix in other ingredients until fully blended.

Yummy apple treat

*adjust ingredients to hunger*


3 dates



lemon juice

Chop up apple and dates and then mix around, sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg, then a little bit of lemon juice and mix around. Delicious for lunch, dinner, snack anything.

Green Smoothie for smooth sailing 

1 aloe Vera plant (YouTube videos show how to cut) or use 1 cup of aloe Vera juice

Pear cactus juice and coconut water (add as much as you like for wanted texture)

1/4 bag frozen spinach

1/4 bag frozen kale

1 bag frozen pineapple

1 cucumber

3 celery stalks

2 green apples